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Sunny's hit the Jackpot!

Mumbai, Dec. 5 -- Sunny Leone set hearts racing across the country, when she made her debut with Jism 2 (2012). The actor, who is known for her bold roles, is now working on her second project, Jackpot.

Praising the leading lady, director of the film, Kaizad Gustad says, "Sunny's character in Jackpot is very different. It has nothing to do with Jism 2. In Jackpot, Sunny plays a strong, independent woman whose one eye is constantly on money. She has her own agenda through the movie and we don't quite know what that is."     

Unlike Jism 2, in Jackpot, Kaizad says Sunny draws attention with her acting skills. "She is nobody's moll or girlfriend," he adds. He feels that the best thing about Sunny is her   willingness to work and learn more. "She was absolutely fantastic - always ready to learn. And that effort can be seen on screen. Sunny may not have a lot of experience in Bollywood, but she is always trying to make things work for everybody."    

So what can diehard fans of the actor expect from the film? Kaizad says, "All I can say is that with Sunny, there is bound to be glamour. Fans will not be disappointed." Jackpot releases on December 13.

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