Sunny Leone
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Sunny's Desi Look heavily inspired by Deepika's Lovely!

Sunny Leone

By Tulsi, News Network

Ow! Haven’t y’all noticed yet?

Sunny Leone’s look as well as the beats are an exact “copy” of Deepika Padukone’s Lovely! Dr. Zeus, who has composed both the songs, admits that he has tried idolising Sunny as Dippy!

“In its idea, drum beats and choice of instruments, Meri desi look is strongly inspired by Happy New Year’s Lovely. I have plenty of other sounds in my repertoire too, but since I’m new to Bollywood, after seeing the Lovely visuals of Deepika (Padukone), I felt Sunny Leone too needed a song with the same swag and swing.”

Well, it’s working! The song is playing everywhere, and is quickly becoming the new favorite! Or shall we say, the new “Lovely”?