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Sunny makes a 'rash' decision!

Sunny Leone

Mumbai, Feb. 24 -- For an upcoming sequel to a horror film, Sunny Leone did more than just shoot some bold scenes that she has been making headlines for.

The actor had to step into the icy water of a city lake for a scene from the film.    

Since the makers chose Vasai Lake as the location, and the shoot was scheduled to take place around midnight, the water was very cold. But that apparently didn't deter Sunny, as she went ahead and stepped into the water anyway.    However, she was a bit scared as there was some talk of the lake having water snakes. Although the actor dealt with the low temperature and no water snakes were spotted that night, she did develop a skin allergy after shooting in the lake, which in turn delayed the next day's shoot.    

When contacted, Tanuj Garg, chief executive officer of producer Ekta Kapoor's banner, says, "It was extremely brave of Sunny to do the scary lake sequence in the dead of the night. She developed a rash, but did not complain. Not many could have done it."