Sunny Leone
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Sunny Leone is turning producer!

By Tulsi, News Network

This woman has set her career on fire! She is only getting better! After saying goodbye to her previous career, Sunny joined Bollywood and the world of acting. And now, she is moving one more step ahead – that of production!

That’s right! Sunny is producing  a drama-thriller, which she will very much be a part of too! The film is untitled as of yet, but she says:

“We plan to shoot hopefully in July-August sometime this year. It will be in the drama-thriller space and we will test the waters that way. Hopefully it will turn out nice. I’ll be starring in it, because that will be the best idea. Rest of the details are still being worked out.”

If you remember, Sunny was also supposed to be making a superhero film. So, is this the same one? Apparently not.

“The superhero movie is in the pipeline. We are going to shoot this movie (drama-thriller) before we get into the superhero space. I believe if we as a production house release something which is more I don’t know want to say ‘normal’ but on a different level of story, then we can get a good idea if we can accomplish a superhero movie. Because that will take a good one-and-a-half years of planning.”