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Is Sunny Leone really planning to have a baby?

Sunny Leone

By Tulsi, News Network

While she’s taken over Bollywood’s sexiest place like a heat weave, it hasn’t taken long for rumours to have started about the sex bomb, who’s been married for a while now, and also seems to have a more settled career compared to before, that she’s doing some family planning!

So is it true? Is this raunchy, sexy star who’se got some real good moves (We’re talking about her dance, y’all fellas! Come on!) really planning to have a baby?
Hear it from her superlicious mouth: “I would be lying if I say I don’t think about my family, but now physically for me, this is not the time to get pregnant. I want to have kids, but for now I don’t want to let one year go for my body.”

So, while she is thinking about it, she’s not ready for it yet. She wants to focus on her new career, and continue with her latkas and jhatkas for a while before she lets go of that slim waist yet…