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Sunny Leone: Miss Popular!

Sunny Leone


New Delhi, Jan. 31 -- It's safe to say that from being an adult film star to a full-time Bollywood actor, the internet has played a crucial part in Sunny Leone's career (she was the most searched celebrity in India in 2014). Now, given her popularity in the online space, she has been signed on to mentor the participants of an online talent-based reality show.

"When the makers of the show came to me, I was sold on the idea. I will be telling the participants how and what to shoot," says Sunny, who will give the contestants - including singers, dancers and actors, among others - tips on leveraging the internet to gain maximum mileage.

As part of the format of the show, participants will be expected to make videos showcasing their talent. They will then upload these videos on the web and then be judged as per how much popularity their videos earn.

"The internet is a huge platform, I believe even Justin Bieber was discovered after posting his videos on YouTube. That could be an inspiration, since it proves the power of the web, and of social media. You don't always need a music company to launch you. Things are a bit different these days," says Sunny, adding, "Much of my popularity comes from social media marketing and from being active on such platforms. The internet makes entertainment available to everyone."