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Sunny Leone: 'I want all three Khans, one by one'

Sunny Leone


Mumbai, June 13 -- Sunny Leone is determined to work hard, and starring with the three top Khans is on her priority list. In a candid chat, the actor reveals that she wants to work with Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman separately.    

"I want all three Khans, one by one. If I get a chance, I'd love to work with them. It's every girl's dream to work with the big Khans when they enter Bollywood," says the 33-year-old.    

Leone has some newer stars on her wishlist, too. "Ranveer Singh is quite good. I may not necessarily have a list of people, but I want to work with people who want to work with me."     

She came to Mumbai to star in a reality show, and then soon, Bollywood beckoned. Now, Sunny Leone will be seen on the small screen again, as the co-host of Splitsvilla. She tells us about the prejudice and hatred she faced after moving back to India, and how her lifestyle has changed ever since. Of course, but people don't say it to my face. People are either scared to work with me, or they offer me roles that they think I am suitable for, and that's fine. Mera past thoda different hai (my past is a bit different). It's a life that I created and I can't escape it. So, I have to slowly prove myself. I can't become an A-lister in one day. They've all worked hard, and hopefully, one day I'll be standing next to them. I think everyone will understand this American term - haters (laughs). You may meet people who will hate you, judge you and have problems with who you are. But you don't have to change yourself because of them. If I listen to them and don't be who I am, then they will win. I don't want that. I can only move forward, step by step. Someday, someone will tell them, 'Arey aap pagal ho, she is a nice person'. I think it's a shame that those people threaten their own city and its citizens because of me. They should direct their energies towards planting trees, feeding the homeless and get angry about kids not having clothes. Don't get angry about me. Don't watch my movie if you don't want to. I had to adjust a lot. India is a different world. Industry mein sab bahut late hotey hain (everyone in this industry runs late). Timing is something I had to adjust to. I reach the set on time, and my team is on time too, but we have to wait because others are late. Then, 5-6 baje ka vada-pao session hota hai (there's a vada pao session around 5-6 pm), which I had to adjust to. And in the US, everything works on email. Here, they want to meet you and sit with you. However, business ethics are the same everywhere. Main 100 per cent desi hoon. I am from a Punjabi family. I never thought I'd get so much love and appreciation, and of all the nations, in India - the land of my ancestors. This is something dreams are made of.