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Sunny Leone goes solo!

Sunny Leone


New Delhi, March 1 -- Adult artist and actor Sunny Leone, who is set to make her debut as a leading lady in a Bollywood film, says that she is already feeling the pressure of carrying the movie on her shoulders.

It seems that your role in your first film as a leading lady, which sees you in an extremely bold and glamorous avatar, was tailor-made for you. Do you consider this film as the make-or-break film for you?

I believe that it shouldn't be one single project that makes or breaks you but a collective of all work you do throughout the year. I have very high hopes for the film and I hope that people like it. It's by far my most difficult role.

But is there any sense of pressure because the movie rests on your shoulders?

Yes, I do feel a lot of pressure already.

One cannot ignore the fact that there are five male leads, and most of them are making a comeback of sorts...

Well, every actor has his or her own journey. I'm not sure if they are all comebacks. The director felt that everyone that was picked was meant for this role.

Most of your musical hits these days seem to be coming of the music of Meet Bros, is it a conscious effort?

No, it's just happening that way. But I'm fine with it because they create amazing tracks.

Is it true that for one of the scenes they used 100 litres of milk...

The director wanted to make sure that we did it several times to make sure every angle was covered. Although I hate milk and am lactose intolerant, we made the shot happen.

Do you feel that the glamorous tag follows you in every film?

Being glamorous is a part of who we all are as actors. I am fine with that.