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Sunny Leone: Business as usual!

Sunny Leone


Mumbai, June 28 -- Even though films keep her busy, Sunny Leone wants to take a leap into other business ventures.

As the first step, the actor, along with her husband Daniel Weber, is planning to create a few products for both men and women.

"Currently, we are in the process of focussing on building a brand. We are working on a perfume line. I have gone through the process of selecting fragrances for it. We will launch women's perfumes, besides deodorants for both men and women. That's how I intend to start my business," says Sunny.

The actor plans to juggle her film work along with managing her brand.

"The current plan is to work and capitalise on the brand. Five years from now, who knows what I will be doing? So, the idea right now is to invest money to build the brand," says the actor.

However, Sunny says she will continue to act in films. "I learnt very early in the entertainment industry that you shouldn't plan too much, because things change extremely fast. Films showcase talents, which I love. So, I hope to continue to do films five years from now, regardless of what kind of films I do or how I make them."