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Sunny Leone: Blocking haters is a fast way to shut them up...


Actor Sunny Leone is a fighter, especially when it comes to dealing with trolls on social media. 
Despite endless comments on her tweets and Instagram posts, some of which are often offensive and derogatory, Sunny has somehow managed to keep up her online presence.
Asked if she has gradually developed this immunity against trolls who have a field day reacting and commenting on celebrities’ post, the 35-year-old actor says, “As far as trolls go, they will always have their space to speak, but the most amazing thing about social media is that you can block all the haters. So that shuts them up real fast.”
Recently, when filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma took a jibe at the former adult film star, she chose not to respond. RGV had tweeted: “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives.”
Sunny feels it all depends on an individual how to use the power of social media. Many feel that social media platforms have become more of public toilets that anyone can use, but Sunny feels otherwise. “I don’t quite agree with the term ‘public toilet’, but yes, we all use social media for different reasons. For myself, I can very well say that I have really learnt to harness social media in a positive way,” she says.