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I've nothing against the naysayers: Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone


Adult star turned Bollywood actor Sunny Leone whose entry in Bollywood was not taken lightly by the moral police, who were reportedly campaigning against her presence in Bollywood, is not overly perturbed or hurt by this attack.

“Hurt would be a strong word. But yes, I am surprised by how vehement the naysayers are in their opposition. I have nothing against them. But I want them to know I am working hard to make a career, just like everyone else in every profession. And the success of my latest film Ragini MMS 2 is the answer to all those who thought I could do only one thing,”says Sunny, who entered Indian showbiz with controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5, and graduated to a film role with erotic thriller Jism 2.

The “one thing” is a sportingly self-deprecatory reference to her past history as an adult-content star that Sunny is not denying.  “Everyone has a past. We all grow from one level to another. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for some people to accept that I’ve made a natural progression from one phase of my life to another, says Sunny, adding. “Now I’m working very hard on my career as an actor, though I am a long way from getting a hang of it. I only wish some elements would be more open-minded about my intentions.”  

Sunny is comfortable in the Bollywood environment.  

“Mumbai is my new home. I have my own residence, my own car and my own staff in the city. Now, when I go to the US, I don’t feel I am going ‘home’. It’s like I’m going for a holiday and I’ll be back home in no time at all.”