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Trailer leak is a conspiracy to malign us, says Dwivedi

Sunny Deol


New Delhi, June 21 -- The leaked trailer of Sunny Deol's latest starrer, shot and set on the famous ghat of Varanasi, is trending on social networking sites and drawing flak for the cuss words and a controversial scene of a Lord Shiva lookalike.

Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi and producer Vinay Tiwari call this leak a conspiracy that has hurt them, the actors and also author Kashi Nath Singh on whose novel (Kashi Ka Assi) the film is based.

"This is not the official trailer. It's a leaked version for which we have lodged an FIR with the Mumbai police and Cyber Cell. It's a conspiracy to malign us and the film. The version has been made in such a way that it shows as if the film is all about abuses and maligns the image of the holy city. That is not true. This is not what our film is all about," Dwivedi clarifies.

The film was shot in Varanasi in 2011, and since then, has been in the dock over the release. "It has been four years since the film was shot. I am fighting a battle for its release, and now this controversy crops up, taking all of us by surprise. I have worked closely on literature - be it Chanakya, the film Pinjar or even with this book - I am very true to them. I have never deviated with the scripts. Does my past work reflect that I will do something of this sort? I am hurt...and think what must be going through Kashi Nath Singh, Sunny (Deol) and other actors," says Dwivedi.

The director says that the final cut of the film is yet to be done and someone has used the leaked trailer to show the film in bad light. "The language used in the film is true to the book's script and the way people speak in this part of the world. But, that's a separate debate," he says.