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I'm always with my family on birthdays: Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol, who turns 57 today, has taken a break from his busy schedule and gone to his farm house in Lonavala to celebrate with his family. “I am always with my family on my birthday. We have a havan at home and this is how we have been celebrating our birthdays for years,” says the actor.

However this family get-together will not see his father Dharmendra participating. “Yes, papa is shooting in Punjab right now. So he won’t be able to make it. But that’s okay, work is more important,” says Sunny.

However, what makes the actor’s birthday even more special is a new song from his next action film Singh Saab The Great, which has just been launched. But Sunny claims that the song being aired on his birthday is “just a coincidence”.

Prod him further about the film, which is based on the idea of taking a stand against corruption, and he says, “We speak a lot about these issues, but we never take the first step. The film is about putting your foot down and staying committed to a cause.”

Sunny is also not in favour of going overboard with the promotions of the film. “The main audience which should be targeted is the individual who goes to the theatre. So promotions should be held at the cinema hall itself, because that’s where people go to watch the film,” he says.