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Sukhwinder: 'There is enough work for everyone'

Sukhwinder Singh


Mumbai, Nov. 2 -- He is acclaimed for his riveting renditions - whether it is the upbeat 'Chaiyya chaiyya' (Dil Se; 1998) or the melancholic 'Piya milenge' (Raanjhanaa; 2013) - but Sukhwinder Singh has never gone on an overdrive with the number of tracks he's sung for in a year.

The singer explains that he has adopted the "slow and steady" approach when it comes to his career, and hence, he is unperturbed by the newer lot of singers, and the number of hits they churn out.

"I feel, in our music industry, there is no place for insecurity, jealousy and competition. There is enough work for everyone, so I don't get bothered. But at the same time, I feel that not everyone is special. There are very few who have that unique quality to go places," says Sukhwinder, whose latest songs 'Bismil' (Haider) and 'Satakli' (Happy New Year) are being lauded by music buffs.

In his almost two decade- long career so far, the singer has sung several hit tracks, but he says to sustain for a longer time, one needs to let go of aggression. "There is no point in being aggressive in the way your ackle things. I have never liked rushing into doing several songs at one go. That's not how my system works. I like consuming the song for two-three days, and then go and sing it," says the singer, who doesn't like compromising on his "me-time" for work.

"I have a life and I want to do other activities as well. I want to go for walks, do yoga, practise music for at least two hours every day," says Sukhwinder. The singer is not only recognised for his powerful voice, but his live performances as well. He reveals that he picked up the art of performing on stage from Russian operas. "Years ago, when I first travelled to places like Moscow and Kazakhstan, I saw the opera there. That created the performer in me. I realised that performance can't be based only on calculations; it is something to which you need to give your all," says Sukhwinder.