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Sukhwinder Singh: 'My killer smile will steal the show'

Sukhwinder Singh


New Delhi, June 9 -- After trying his hand at acting, noted playback singer Sukhwinder Singh is set to prove his mettle in dancing with an upcoming dance reality show.    

"I'm a Punjabi, and dance is something we love ... we just need a beat to get started. When I got the opportunity to participate in a dance-based show, I grabbed it with both hands," says the singer, who has delivered hits like Chaiyya Chaiyya (Dil Se; 1998) and Jai ho (Slumdog Millionaire; 2008).    

The 41-year-old was amazed when he got introduced to some international dance forms. "I was very excited when I went for rehearsals. But once I reached and saw my choreographer do salsa, rumba ... aur pata nahi kya kya ... meri hawa tight ho gayi!" he exclaims.

What happened next is even more interesting. "I got so scared thinking about doing all those difficult dance moves that I ran away from the rehearsal hall, switched off my phone and went into hiding for two days," says Sukhwinder. "Later I realised that it was very stupid of me and that I should have taken it up as a challenge. So finally, I came on board," he adds.    

Ask him if he is nervous and he says, "I know my killer smile will steal the show. Just like Chi Chi Bhai (Govinda) always smiles when he dances, I, too, will try to smile every time I dance. If people have liked him, they will like me too."    

But will his singing take a backseat? "Of course not! I have already recorded for Vishal Bhardwaj's next, starring Shahid Kapoor. Then there are a few more projects lined up. So singing will never take a back seat for me," he signs off.