Sukhwinder Singh
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Elvis Presley has inspired me: Sukhwinder Singh


Mumbai, May 25 -- One of the most celebrated playback singers in India, Sukhwinder Singh is also an entertaining stage performer.

He is set to perform at the Hindustan Times No TV Day Weekend Fest on May 28. "When you perform on stage, you are your own master. Though you sing your popular songs, the fun of improvisation is inexplicable. I always try to offer something new to my audience to keep them entertained. When you improvise, your fans feel like you are having a personal conversation with them," says Sukhwinder, who is excited about his upcoming act. "I plan to perform a mix of rock and unplugged music at the concert," adds the singer.

Ask Sukhwinder how he prepares himself for a stage show, and he says, "I never stress on the day of my show. Before going on stage, I like to spend about 20 minutes by myself. I like to meditate during that time. Those 20 minutes give me the energy to perform for many hours."

Unlike several other artistes, he does not refrain from eating or drinking certain things in an attempt to protect his voice. "If you sing from your throat, you need to take precautions. But if you sing from your heart, you don't have to worry about anything. I eat everything; I don't even avoid aerated drinks, etc," says Sukhwinder, adding, "There have been times when I have travelled for 32 hours, and performed immediately after. I never let any doubts take over my confidence. I only do one simple thing to take care of my voice; I drink one glass of warm lemon water after every meal."

As far as his inspirations are concerned, Sukhwinder says he looks up to the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley. "He has inspired me as a performer. He taught every musician how to perform well and look good on stage. When I was performing at a concert in Brussels, Belgium, recently, my poster was put up next to his at the venue. He had performed there many years ago. I felt so proud," says Sukhwinder.