Sukhwinder Singh
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Double deal for singer Sukhwinder Singh!

Sukhwinder Singh


Mumbai, Feb. 4 -- Musician Sukhwinder Singh is coming up with his new concert, Two Sides Of The Same Coin. One part of his concert will have him performing unplugged, and in the other one, he will be accompanied by a DJ and a rapper.

"I am working with the best of both the worlds - two sides of a coin. The unplugged version veers more towards the cinematic side with soulful, romantic Bollywood tracks, while the other one is more classical based with a lot of energy. Working with a DJ will be like going to a discotheque and dancing the night away," says Sukhwinder.

The singer got the idea for this concert while improvising in the studio. When he started doing the same at live concerts, he got a great response from people.

"My music composers allowed me to improvise. I got appreciation from the audience as well, and that is when I decided to do it on a big scale," he says.

He also reveals his plans to release a series of singles from his personal collection. "My next is a song, 'Kamariya zigzag'. I drew inspiration from 'Beedi jalaiyle' for this track. We have shot the song and will release it soon," he adds.