Sooraj Pancholi
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Sooraj Pancholi is going all out to work on his physique..


Mumbai, Jan. 21 -- While some Bollywood actors - most notably Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh - undergo drastic physical transformations for their on-screen characters, it's rare to see actors taking this route for personal purposes.

However, Sooraj Pancholi is going all out to work on his physique. A source reveals that the actor has hired an American trainer to help him shape his body.

"Sooraj learnt about the trainer through a friend who resides in Los Angeles, USA. The actor wanted to change his workout routine and his friend told him about the Spartan form of exercise. The trainer is currently in Mumbai and is helping Sooraj with his workout sessions," says the source.

The Spartan workout is apparently a challenging exercise routine. "The regimen includes sets of several types of exercises, and Sooraj is required to switch from one form of exercise to another with no breaks in between. The regime is not for beginners, but Sooraj still wanted to try it," says the source.

Sooraj apparently follows the Spartan workout three days a week, besides sticking to his regular exercise regimen at the gym. The actor is currently following a high-protein diet. Sooraj was not available for a comment.