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Sooraj Pancholi and Tiger Shroff being compared to each other!

Sooraj Pancholi

By Tulsi, News Network

You cannot be surprised by this. Both are sons of Bollywood actors. Both are the brand-new boys of Bollywood. And both their debuts are related to Jackie Shroff’s epic debut film Hero.
While Tiger’s debut film last year was called Heropanti, and the film’s promo song Whistle Bajaa had the tune of Jackie’s Hero song…. Sooraj Pancholi’s film is actualy a remake of the film Hero and is called Hero too!

So, it’s pretty obvious why there’s so much comparison happening between the two boys and their debut films!

Well, Tiger’s got something to say about that!

“You cannot compare anyone. Hero and Heropanti are different films. Sooraj and I are also different. Everybody has different approaches, a different take on things. Everyone is unique. So you cannot put down someone’s hard work by saying, ‘Oh, he’s doing it like him’. Don’t compare us. At the end of the day, we are part of the same fraternity, so we have to encourage and push ourselves.”


Why of course! The two new age actors are actually childhood friends! In fact, Sooraj thinks o Tiger as a brother.

Tiger also watched the trailer of Hero and said: “I absolutely loved it. He’s a friend of mine so I had to tell him what I felt. I congratulated him and his team and Athiya as well. She’s been with me in the same school.”

Now that’s one strong and unbreakable team of newbies! No?