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Sonu Sood to play Dara Singh?

Sonu Sood


Mumbai, July 20 -- In keeping with the current trend of making biopics, now a new one is set to be based on the life of late Indian wrestler-turned-actor Dara Singh.

Apparently, a Punjab-based film-maker has written a script for the same, and has approached Sonu Sood to play the lead role. The plan, according to a source, is to take the film on the floors by the end of this year. The insider informs us that Sonu was approached by the film-maker last week. "

The actor seemed interested in the project. He has assured the makers that he will read the script and get back to them at the earliest. He should be taking the final decision in a fortnight or so," adds the source.

According to the source, Sonu is keen on doing the film, "provided the script has enough material". He needs to be convinced that the writer has done enough research on the life of the legend.

While Sonu refrained from revealing any details when we contacted him, he did confirm the news, saying, "Yes, I was recently approached with the idea of a biopic on Dara Singh. I will read the script, and take the final call."