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Trolled on Twitter, Sonu Nigam defends himself..

Sonu Nigam


New Delhi, Aug. 19 -- Singer Sonu Nigam, who received flak on Twitter for supporting controversial spiritual leader Radhe Maa in a series of tweets on Sunday (August 16), wrote a long Facebook post defending his stance and speaking against Twitter bullying on Monday (August 18).

"To my fellow Indians ... To the people who both do, and don't have the honesty to read a message in its real context, interestingly ... Over the years, we have created another kind of rowdy mob of hooligans, a Twitter Mob, that has no boundaries (sic)," wrote Nigam, and added, "I have no clue who she is.. Never met her... But in my eyes, she's someone's wife, someone's daughter, and many others, call her a mother... if she's proven guilty by the law, she'll be punished by law. Before that, she's as respectable a citizen as you and me."

While defending the spiritual guru, Nigam wrote in his first post, "Kaali Maa is depicted in lesser clothes than Radhey Maa. Men Saadhus can walk naked. Dance embarrassingly, but it takes a rape charge to put them behind bars. So much for Gender equality? Wanna sue, sue the followers... Sue YOURSELVES.. For making them God men and women (sic)." Radhe Maa stirred up a controversy after her pictures posing in short western wear surfaced online.