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Sonu Nigam: Live shows are a singer's litmus test

Sonu Nigam


New Delhi, Feb. 7 -- Technology might have changed the face of playback singing, but singer Sonu Nigam still feels that performing well in front of a live audience is the test of a good singer.

"I feel the prowess of a singer can only be determined when he or she performs in front of an audience. Singing live is the true litmus test," says the 41-year-old.

Nigam, however, insists that he is not against advanced technology. "I am not criticising the present and glorifying the past. I feel that all this is a part of evolution and is bound to happen. Times are changing and it is great that technology is being used to improvise songs," says Nigam, who's happy that music has become one of the biggest mediums to promote films.

"The value of music in films has really advanced. Now, music is used to promote a film, not the dialogues. It has become a serious marketing," says the singer, who recently sung the iconic John Lennon song, Imagine, for a project by Unicef (United Nations Children's Fund). "It was an outstanding opportunity to work for the rights of the girl child," he says.