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Sooraj Barjatiya angry with Sonam Kapoor!

Sonam Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

Yes! The Bollywood fashionista and the most popular cover girl for all the glossies has upset her director for Prem Ratan Than Payo with her skin show!

Apparently, he’s furious with her with the latest cover of Vogue India, where she’s posing in a white Armani suit, only. In the film, Sonam plays the character of a shy Indian princess, and is soon to release. He feels it’s just ruining her whole character for the film!

Prior to this, Sonam has done a lot of bold and daring, cleavage revealing photoshoots. But this time, he feels it was just the wrong time to be flashing some skin.

The director’s films usually portray their actresses as very coy, homely family girls who are rooted to their culture. So obviously, this cover of her current actress has not gone down too well with him!

Says a source: “Sooraj was quite upset by Sonam’s ultra-modern avatar on the cover which borders on risque. In PRDP, the girl she plays is a far cry from the supreme seductress on the latest cover. He feels this sort of image will jeopardise her on-screen persona in his film.”

Oops! Well, this could go two ways: Either the audience will not accept the coy avatar of Sonam Kapoor, or they will admire her versatility. We think she looks pretty gorgeous in both avatars and the rest of the audience thinks so too!

So chill out, Mr. Barjatiya!