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Sonam's late birthday gift..

Sonam Kapoor


Mumbai, Oct. 24 -- She may have turned a year older a couple of months ago (on June 9), but Sonam Kapoor is still getting birthday gifts.

And the latest one is very special. We've been told that she has just been gifted a framed limited-edition print of iconic director Woody Allen's Annie Hall (1977).

A source close to the actor says, "Sonam recently got the best gift she could have asked for. She was given a rare film print of Annie Hall as a belated birthday present. Ram Madvani, who is directing an upcoming biopic that stars Sonam, knew that this is one of her all-time favourite films. So, he decided to give her this gift."

Ram gave the framed print to her as a surprise, while she was promoting her upcoming film at a suburban studio.

"He was happy with the trailer of Sonam's new film, and his birthday gift was pending too. Sonam really likes Annie Hall because in her opinion, the character reminds her of herself, and she can relate to it. So, he thought that it was an apt gift."

While the actor remained unavailable for a comment, her spokesperson confirmed the news, saying, "Woody Allen's Annie Hall is a cult classic, and one of her favourites. But to receive the 1977 film print was a complete surprise."