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Sonam's art reaches out!

Sonam Kapoor

Mumbai, April 26 -- Sonam Kapoor travels a lot for film commitments, and whenever she gets a chance, she picks up souvenirs and gifts for her family and friends from the places she visits. This time, while she was in Delhi for a charitable event, she bought a few paintings for her cousins, parents and other close friends.    

"Sonam was attending an art exhibition that was organised in support of underprivileged children and their work. And she was so impressed by the artwork that these young kids had created that she decided to pick up six paintings," says a source close to the Bollywood star.

Sonam has apparently gifted these paintings to her sister Rhea, brother Harshwardhan and cousin Arjun (Kapoor), and some to her close friends.    

"Since Sonam's decision to pick up the art works was an impromptu one, everyone was quite surprised to receive the gifts," adds the source.    

Confirming the news, Sonam says, "I saw some lovely artistic pieces at the exhibition in Delhi and I couldn't resist taking some for my cousins and other family members in Mumbai."