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Sonam learns to drive a jeep!

Sonam Kapoor


New Delhi, Jan. 25 -- Driving light luxury cars are no big deal, but for her upcoming film, actor Sonam Kapoor learnt to drive a heavyweight jeep, and the 29-year-old is apparently kicked about her experience.

A source from the production house of her film says, "Sonam will be seen fleeing in several sequences in the film, so it required her to know how to drive different vehicles. For a particular sequence, she needed to drive a jeep. Sonam wanted to do the scene herself without using a body double, so she decided to learn to drive a jeep."

And guess what, it wasn't just an informal training on the set. The actor took a special 21-day driving class to be able to drive a jeep with perfection. "Sonam took formal driving lessons. While she does know the basics, she had never driven a jeep before this. That's why she took a crash course for 21 days, so that she can get comfortable behind the wheel before she got into the next schedule of the film," adds the source.