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Sonam Kapoor's new mystery man!

Sonam Kapoor

Mumbai, Nov. 2 -- It's common knowledge that Sonam Kapoor is set to act in the Khoobsurat (1980) remake. While the original starred Rekha as the happygo- lucky girl, Rakesh Roshan played the male lead opposite her.

And now, we have come to know that Sonam's sister and producer Rhea Kapoor has roped in a new actor instead of signing on an established name, to star opposite Sonam.    

What's interesting is that Rhea doesn't want anyone to know who the actor is.    "That's why his identity is likely to be revealed only when the shooting of the film is over. The makers want to maintain some mystery around their actors. So, no one is allowed to talk about him as yet," says an industry insider. The newbie, in all likelihood, will join the cast and crew directly on the sets in Rajasthan.    

Sonam, who plays a young physiotherapist in the film, will head for Rajasthan around November 6 to start shooting for the Shashank Ghosh-directed film. Although Sonam has already met Rekha a couple of times, she is clear that her movie has nothing to do with Hrishikesh Mukherjee's original.    

Calling it a romantic film, Sonam says that their project is "completely different" from the original. In an earlier interview, she said, "It's still a clash of two different ideas. It's about this freespirited girl who comes into someone's family and turns things around. But everything else is completely different." When contacted, Rhea confirms this news, saying, "Yes, it's true that we have cast a newcomer. And we have no plans to reveal his identity at this point."