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Sonam Kapoor's necklace stolen!

Sonam Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

And we’ve got Sonam Kapoor in the news again. And again, it’s not for her acting skills. This time, she’s been robbed.

The necklace was worth Rs. 5 lakh, and was stolen from her residence in Juhu. Apparently, she had put the necklace back in her drawer after wearing it at a party, and then it was gone! She even went to the police station with mommy to file a FIR! Umm… Wasn’t she in the hospital two days ago?

Anyway, the police has started their investigation (of course, it’s Sonam Kapoor)! When she was asked about it, she said “I am not allowed to talk about this right now.” Then why and how is this all over the news?

Oh well, may better days come soon for the Bollywood fashionista.