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Sonam Kapoor: Not without my trainer!

Sonam Kapoor


Mumbai, July 2 -- A report recently revealed that Sonam Kapoor's gym equipment was being moved to her film set in Karjat so that her workout routine isn't disturbed.

Now, we've found out that, along with the gear, the Bollywood actor's personal trainer is also travelling to the set. Fitness expert Radhika Karle, who has been training Sonam for a while now, will be making sure that the star loses the required eight kilos for her role opposite Salman Khan.

Earlier this year, for Arbaaz Khan's production, Sonam was asked to put on some weight. Barely a few months later, now, she is working towards losing those kilos for Salman's film.     

"Since Sonam doesn't have too much time to get back into shape as the shoot starts this week, she is relying on getting all the guidance she can from her trusted trainer. Radhika was the one who helped Sonam get the bikini-perfect body that she flaunted in Bewakoofiyaan," says a source close to the actor.

Meanwhile, as part of her regimen, Sonam has already started swimming regularly. She will also be concentrating on basic cardio, Pilates and yoga. According to the insider, Radhika will also be monitoring Sonam's diet, as the actor is a self-confessed foodie; so much so, that her introduction on Twitter describes her as "a female actor who lives to eat and read in that order (sic)."