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Sonam Kapoor: Juggling act!

Sonam Kapoor


Mumbai, Aug. 26 -- Most actors try to keep their schedules free when they are nearing the release of their films so they can concentrate solely on the promotions. Unfortunately, for the next few days, Sonam Kapoor will have no such luxury.

In fact, till August 27, the actor will be juggling three things - the wedding of her close friend and make-up artiste Namrata Soni, the promotional activities of her next, and the dubbing for the movie that she still needs to complete. "They're close, and because Namrata is getting married in Mumbai, Sonam wants to be there for her. They have known each other from before Sonam started acting, and have worked together for over six years now," says an insider.

The source reveals that Namrata has an elaborate wedding planned this week. The first function apparently took place on Monday (August 25), and there are two more that are scheduled for today (August 26) and tomorrow (August 27).

"Sonam has been trying to work her dates around for the events as she is keen on attending all of them. She now plans to promote her film during the day, attend the function in the evening and go for the dubbing sessions at night," adds the insider. We tried contacting Sonam, but she remained unavailable for a comment. However, her spokesperson confirmed the news.