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Sonam Kapoor: 'I don't want to let my father down'

Sonam Kapoor

Mumbai, March 24 -- Having proved his mettle as an actor in his three-decade long career in Bollywood, Anil Kapoor wants to now try his hand at direction.

And he is clear that for his debut directorial film, he wants to work with his daughter, Sonam Kapoor. "But she isn't agreeing," he told us last year.

In this interview, we ask Sonam why. I am very proud to be my father's daughter, and I feel a lot of things have come to me easily in the industry because of him. At the same time, I don't want to use his stardom to propel myself in the industry. I don't think I deserve to be on the same platform with him. I don't want to use him as a stepping stone because he has worked very hard to get to his position. I have always tried to find my own identity because I don't want to blemish his reputation with any of my mistakes. When I feel I am capable enough to have my name attached to his in any kind of work, I will do so. Till then, I am happy with my sister producing my films. I would, but he freaks me out by saying such nice things about me. He feels I am a really good actor, really capable and amazing etc. And I am like, 'Gosh, maybe, I am not, maybe he will find out.' He is not even allowed to come to the sets of my films. I don't want to let him down. I would die if I had to act with him; I cannot (laughs). But, when we do, we would like to do something amazing together. And there's nothing exciting that has come our way till date."