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Sonam Kapoor in the hospital..

Sonam Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

Seeking attention is totally Sonam’s forte! And here she goes again. The actress has landed herself in the hospital!

She tweeted “Hate being sick… Oowie” along detailed picture of her hand attached to a hospital saline drip for proof. And some time later came the weet “Thank you @chefkelvincheung for the care package.. Feeling better already!!” with a delicious picture of butter cupcakes and cookies sent by friends.

So what else does Sonam do while she is unwell? Of course she’s told! “Just finished reading #RajeshKhannas biography by Gautam Chintamani. Very well and fairly written for fans, sceptics and cinephiles. Now, that’s a lot of big words for the glamorous Ms. Kapoor! The tweet, was of course accompanied with a picture.

Well, get better soon, Sonam!