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Sonam Kapoor: All for a humanitarian cause!

Sonam Kapoor


Mumbai, Oct. 9 -- Sonam Kapoor has often been at the forefront when it comes to raising awareness about different social causes.

Over the years, she has contributed to several charitable initiatives in some way or the other. Recently, the actor did the same when she donated one of her favourite saris to raise funds for a humanitarian cause in the USA.

An insider says, "Sonam recently walked the ramp for designer Amita Bal in San Francisco, USA. It was a charity event. But her role didn't end there. In order to do her bit for the cause, she donated a designer sari to a foundation that will now be auctioning it, in order to raise funds for the welfare of seriously ill kids."

The Bollywood actor had agreed to walk the ramp at the charity event, as the proceeds from the show were also meant to go towards the foundation. The insider says, "But she wanted to do a little more than just walk the ramp. Having seen and read so much about the good work that this foundation has done over the years, Sonam decided to give up her beige and gold crepe sari for the fund-raising auction."