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Sonam hits the gym!


Mumbai, May 13 -- Before she joined the film industry, Sonam Kapoor worked very hard to shed her excess weight. Ever since, she has done her best to stay fit.

However, in the past few months, the actor's workouts became irregular, owing to hectic shooting schedules and travel. Now, she's resolved to hit the gym again. A source close to Sonam says, "Since the past 8-10 months, she was taking it easy because shooting schedules in Rajasthan, among other commitments, took a toll on her. Now that she is shooting in Mumbai (for Arbaaz Khan's next), she has been training regularly. She makes it a point to work out for two hours daily."    

The actor adds, "I've never been much of a heavyweight workout person. I mostly rely on Pilates, yoga and cardio for fitness, which works to maintain a lean body. However, from now, I'll be undergoing a strict regimen, with moderate weight training for two hours every day." 

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