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Sonam had a big fall..

Sonam Kapoor


Mumbai, Feb. 20 -- Sonam Kapoor is having a tough time staying fit on the sets of her next alongside Salman Khan. She got hospitalised on February 9 because of a respiratory infection while shooting for the movie.

She resumed work on February 11. And now, we've come to know that she hurt her foot while filming a dance sequence on February 18, which was the last day of the week-long schedule.

"Since Sonam will be seen doing a puppet dance in the song, it required her to be lifted off the ground, and while she was landing, she fell and hurt her leg; her ankle was bleeding as well," says a source close to the actor.

Apparently, Sonam had resumed work soon after recovering from the respiratory trouble as she didn't want the shoot to get delayed. But now, the source says she "will have to take complete rest till the wound heals".

When contacted, Sonam requested us to call her later in the day. We spoke to her spokesperson, who confirmed the news and said, "Sonam suffered a leg injury on Wednesday while shooting for a song in Karjat."