Sonam Kapoor
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Sonam gives a cupcake treat!

Sonam Kapoor

New Delhi, April 23 -- She might have a perfect figure, but when it comes to satiating tummy groans, actor Sonam Kapoor is known to be quite a foodie.

Recently, while shooting for a scene for her upcoming film, Dolly Ki Doli, the 28-year-old had to eat cupcakes, and Sonam liked the cakes so much that she enquired with the production team about where had they got the cakes from.

Not just this, the actor even ordered over a 100 cupcakes for everyone on the sets. A source attached to the film says, "Sonam is known for being a darling on the sets. Whenever she feels like eating something, she makes sure that the entire set gets to eat with her, which is one of the reasons she is a favourite with the unit members. She is also known for surprising people close to her with gifts and other sweet gestures."