Sonam Kapoor
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Sonam is a bookworm!

Sonam Kapoor

Mumbai, Nov. 19 -- She is famous for her impeccable fashion sense, but not many know about Sonam Kapoor's love for books. We've learnt that the actor carried as many as 20 titles with her for a three-month shooting schedule of her film, Khoobsoorat, in Bikaner, Rajasthan.     

Her spokesperson says, "She decided to carry a lot of books from her library so that she could read them during breaks and as and when time permits. She's packed more books than clothes this time."     

Contrary to what one might think, none of the books she is reading are to prepare for her character in the film.

"Sonam has been fond of reading since childhood. Her favourite genres are autobiographies, pulp-fiction and history. You will always find Sonam quietly sitting in one corner and engrossed in a book," adds the spokesperson. Sonam Kapoor confirms the news, adding, "I always carry books with me wherever I go."