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Sonam and Sonakshi's Twitter conversation is the BEST!

Sonam Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

A few days ago, the media happened to spread rumours that Sonam Kapoor avoided Sonakshi Sinha at a recent event… Due to Arjun Kapoor!

Apparently, Sonaksi and Arjun’s break up post Tevar didn’t go down too well with Arjun’s cousin Sonam, and ever since there has been some tension between them...

Well, that’s clearly not true, and these girls have done the coolest thing to show everyone to just suck it up!

Sonam: Sona I don't remember avoiding you!!! Lol @sonakshisinha     Kya Kya news likthe hain!

Sonakshi:Ya and we forgot to click a selfie as proof when we were hanging 2 days back... Next time  

Sonam: @sonakshisinha Sona , Sona se kaise khafa Ho sakti hain!!

Well, if this isn’t obvious enough that Sona and Sonam are not in bad terms, then we don’t know what to say…