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Sonam - Aishwarya cold war on?

By Khushboo, News Network

Internationally popular actress and first ever Miss World from India, Aishwarya Rai and Anil Kapoor’s daughter and one of the best actresses among the newbies, Sonam Kapoor were in the news for quite some time.

It was believed previously that Sonam had replaced Aishwarya as the face of a popular hair care brand. However, the confusion was cleared by the company which explained that both Aishwarya and Sonam were a part of the brand, but they were endorsing a product for different group of consumers.

Recently, rumors also spread about Sonam replacing Aishwarya in the endorsement of a popular national jewelry brand, as the former is in the limelight presently with her success of film Neerja. And also the fact that Sonam is younger than Aishwarya.

There are even reports that a recent comment of Sonam about Aishwarya has not gone down well with the senior actress as she called her “Ash Aunty” explaining that Aishwarya had worked opposite her father Anil Kapoor in the past and as such she is aunty for Sonam.

Thus, the cold war that started from a misunderstanding resulting from the contract of these two actresses with different brands has taken a somewhat unsightly turn now. We can only wait to see as to when this disagreement ends.