Sonam Kapoor
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Katrina Kaif and Sonam Kapoor are the new besties in town!

Sonam Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

Thanks to L’Oreal, these two gorgeous, fashionable ladies are becoming very close. We mean very close. Check out their adorable kissing picture! Doesn’t it look similar to the Deepika Padukone kissing Anushka Sharma picture?

Anyway, at the L’Oreal event yesterday, both the actresses were looking so, so amazing! While Kat showed up in a light pink Jenny Packhem gown, and looked like a Barbie doll as usual, Sonam Kapoor once again took everyone’s breath in her beige Ashi Studio off-shoulder puffy gown which made her look like she stepped straight out of a princess’ diary!

In fact, Katrina Kaif even said about her Cannes debut: “ I have not decided the look yet. We would be working with the team at Cannes, which consists of some amazing hair and beauty technicians. We haven’t thought whether it would be Indian or western look. We haven’t made any plans but we will zero in on it soon. If I don’t find an appropriate dress for Cannes, I’ll just borrow a dress from Sonam as she will be in the next room.”

Kat is someone who doesn’t need to work heard to impress someone with her looks. It comes naturally to her. She doesn’t need designer statement dresses and super-model poses to look stunning. And it looks like she agrees:

“I don’t think I’m going there to set any trend or look. I don’t think that is my intention. I think my intention is to be me. That’s the reason L’Oréal has signed me as the ambassador – for what I represent. I will find something that I’m comfortable in and will not get carried away to make a statement. I think one should be true to one’s own self and enjoy the festival and the platform which celebrates cinema, fashion and beauty trends as well.

What a kick-ass attitude this Kaif woman has!