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I want to be known as a good actress and not just a style icon: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor


Sonam Kapoor, along with Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, was in Jaipur to promote her upcoming movie Khoobsurat.

Talking about the movie and her role in it, she said, "The movie is an ode to Hrishikesh Mukherji's film Khoobsurat. My role is that of a bubbly girl. Girls today don't settle for anything less, they are outspoken, they are bold, and always speak their mind. Milli is exactly the same, and thus, the role of Mili is tailor made not just for me but for every contemporary girl out there."

The chirpy actress said that she did not appreciate being known simply as a style icon. "I don't like to be known just as a well dressed girl, I want to be known as a good actress. While I don't do too many films in a year, I do come out with meaty roles and therefore would like to be talked about my acting skills."

Upon going to Pakistan for promotion of the movie, Kapoor said, "I would love to go to Pakistan, as I  want to shop there. Besides two of my best friends belong to Pakistan, and my both ancestral homes are there. Hence there is a craving to see my roots." She further added that despite so many reasons she cannot make it to Pakistan for the promotions. "I cannot go to Pakistan as I will be busy shooting. But I do plan to go there at the end of this year."

Commenting upon whether the movie will make into the hundred crore category, Kapoor said in a lighter tone, "Khoobsurat is a small film. And though my hero is a Khan, we haven't reached that 'Khan' category yet."

On coming to Jaipur she said, "I have a past life connection with the city. I think that is the reason I end up here every year. The place has been very familiar to me ever since I came here as a child."

Directed by Shashanka Ghosh and produced by Anil Kapoor, Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor, Khoobsurat will release on September 19.