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I love Jackie a lot: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor


Mumbai, Aug. 26 -- In a place like Bollywood, where female actors have a limited shelf-life and new actresses walk in every day, they say it's difficult to be friends with a fellow diva.

However, there are two actresses who seem to get along well - Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez. When we asked the Sri Lankan beauty about her friendship with Sonam, she says, "She is a wonderful person. She is very kind, caring and a great human being."

In fact, when the two get time from their busy schedules to hang out, they often do so at each others' houses and make sure they share with each other whatever is going on in their lives. Talking about it, Jacqueline says, "Sonam is so positive - it's always great to catch up with her.

When we meet, time just flies. For instance, when she came over to my place one evening recently, we kept chatting and we didn't realise that it was 4 am. So, that way, she is my 4 am friend. She is also very hardworking and her fashion sense has inspired me a lot."

The admiration is mutual. Sonam ushered in her 29th birthday with Jacqueline, and the two are often seen attending events together. Sonam says, "She's got a clean heart. She has no agenda whatsoever. We have the same sense of fun and values. She's part of my family now. I love Jackie a lot."