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Bollywood stars: from action to direction!

Sonam Kapoor

A bevy of Bollywood actors may have recently turned to movie-making as a second profession, but then there are other top stars who’re clearly not interested. While Aamir Khan is all set to direct his next film now, Shah Rukh Khan has stirred a debate by saying that he won’t switch chairs.

“You know, I get very nervous when people ask me when I am going to direct a film ... I don’t know what to say because I start wondering if I act so bad that people don’t want to watch me in movies anymore,” says Shah Rukh, adding that he has no plans to call the shots though he owns a production house. He adds, “It’s like people telling me, ‘Arrey bhai bohot kar li acting-wacting, ab tujhse nahi ho raha hai, chal ja camerey ke peechhe. Karne do naa mujhe aur kuchh saal acting.”

Another leading actor who vows never to direct is Kareena Kapoor Khan.

However, Aamir is at it again. “There is a script that I’ve found about a 14-year-old brother and seven-year-old sister which I liked a lot. I’ve bought the rights (of the script) and I’m going to direct it,” he said recently. Actor Ranveer Singh, too, dreams to direct one day.

Trade experts say the trend looks promising, but direction is not everyone’s cup of tea. “Direction is a very difficult job. Not all are born with the vision to bring imagination on big screen or strike a chord with the audience. In the past, we have seen unsuccessful attempts by good actors who have worked with the best filmmakers, and we have also seen great filmmakers emerging out of flop actors.” Filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar says, “Directing is a question of passion. Acting is much more relaxed. An actor should become a director only when he is completely frustrated as an actor and thinks no director understands him.” Analyst Komal Nahta puts it straight — “If an actor thinks ‘chalo ji director ban jate hain’ it can be suicidal!”

Itching to direct
Many young actors have given interviews, expressing a desire to go behind the camera, and do more than just act
* Sunny Deol
* John Abraham
* Kangana Ranaut
* Sonam Kapoor
* Ranveer Singh

They say they won’t direct
Happy with what they are doing, certain top actors have said that they would like to stick to being actors on the set
* Kareena Kapoor Khan
* Vidya Balan
* Paresh Rawal
* Akshay Kumar
* Kajol Devgn