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Bollywood goes arty!

Sonam Kapoor

New Delhi, Feb. 4 -- The sixth edition of the India Art Fair, which concluded in the Capital on Sunday, brought out an interesting trend - Bollywood is taking a keen interest in all matters arty. On the opening day of the fair, we spotted actor Sonam Kapoor, a keen art lover, with veteran artist Sakti Burman. In the past, she has bought works of Burman.

Even Sussanne Roshan, who has recently separated from her actorhusband Hrithik Roshan, was seen at the fair. However, Kapoor is not the only one from Bollywood who seems to be interested in the growing Indian art market. A number of Bollywood celebs have been buying art - some as investment, some for the love of it.    

While Shah Rukh Khan has works of MF Husain and Bose Krishnamachari in his house, actor Madhuri Dixit has works of Husain. We often spot Husain's paintings as a backdrop when she tweets her pictures.    

Another art lover in Bollywood is actor Raveena Tandon. "I buy art for the love of it and not as investment. I source my works from galleries in Mumbai and Kolkata," says Tandon. She has works of artist Paresh Maity, Sakti Burman and Thota Vaikuntam.    

And it's not just actors, even designer Manish Malhotra, who also visited the fair, says, "I was very impressed by the works at the art fair. When I shifted into my new house five years ago, I got a lot of Sunil Padwal and Chintan Upadhyay and invested in works of Raza."    

And gallerists in the Capital also agree that the trend of actors buying art is surely catching up. "There is definitely a growing interest in Bollywood towards Indian art and artists. Sonam (Kapoor) took a keen interest in some of the works displayed at our booth," says city-based gallery owner, Sunaina Anand, adding, "Gauri Khan ( actor Shah Rukh Khan's wife) has also visited the gallery, and Mani Ratnam (director) bought a Thota Vaikuntam canvas from us sometime back."    

And, some like Salman Khan love creating artworks. He paints and often gifts his works to family and friends. For his recently-released movie, Jai Ho, he painted the first poster himself. Khan worked on a mixed medium to create the poster, which was later digitally reproduced.