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B-town overflows with father-daughter love!

Sonam Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

When it comes to showing love and praising, father Anil Kapoor would definitely top the list, never missing a chance to show off daughter Sonam Kapoor.

“Sonam is very lucky for her heroes, “ he says, post Khoobsurat’s hit and Fawad’s fame (accidently forgetting to give the new hero credit for himself). In fact, he has done some valid research to back this statement: "Ranbir Kapoor became a star after Saawariya. Dhanush and Farhan Akhtar went to the next level in their careers after Raanjhanaa and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Now it's Fawad.”

Khoobsurat is a Disney fairy tale. Usually fairy tales revolve around a princess, and the prince is just to give her what she needs. But in the curious case of Khoobsurat, Fawad catches fame like fire while Sonam is left shaking her bum.

Sadly, there is no trace of praise about Sonam in any of the films by anyone, but according to daddy Kapoor, Sonam is a self-made success and he is very proud of her. Now that’s brave! Sonam Kapoor is absolutely gorgeous and stylish, but when it comes to her acting, people haven’t yet taken her seriously. Whether such statements by a powerful actor can push his daughter’s success higher is debatable, but it can definitely make the headlines!

Could this be an attempt to cover up all the blooper statements that Sonam Kapoor has made some time ago? Either way, Anil Kapoor is truly an entertainer in every way, giving everyone a good laugh here and there! And now the entire nation is waiting for Ms. Kapoor to be lucky for herself.