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Sonali Bendre won't retire hurt!

Sonali Bendre


New Delhi, Feb. 14 -- Bollywood actor Sonali Bendre is very dedicated when it comes to work and does not miss the shoots of her ongoing show, no matter what. Recently, Sonali hurt herself while shooting for a scene.

However, she insisted that the shooting should not stop and worked despite the pain. "During a scene, Sonali ended up hurting her back. Given that the schedule was really tight and the injury didn't seem grave to her at the time, Sonali continued to work, not wanting to disrupt tthe schedule. The constant work only added to the injury and what started off as a minor discomfort turned rather sore," says a source.

When Sonali could not take the pain anymore, she decided to see a doctor. "She was trying hard not to disrupt the schedule and continued with the shoot, but beyond a point she couldn't move at all. Finally, she saw a doctor and was immediately recommended bed rest. Despite the discomfort, she was only worried about not being able to shoot for the next two days," adds the source.