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Why Sonakshi needs to have a surprise birthday party!

Sonakshi Sinha

By Tulsi, News Network

Sona turns 28 tomorrow, and just like every year, she has no plans for her birthday. Right now, she is so busy with work, and wishes that someone should throw her a birthday surprise!

Seriously! Hear it from Jr Shotgun herself: “Whatever plans I have are always made last minute because I am usually on and around my birthday, so yeah this year too I’m going to have some last year plans unless my friends throw me a surprise birthday party, they are more than welcome to! Actually, they really should because I’ve had one surprise birthday party in my life and that too I found out about before the party!”

Wow! Looks like she really needs one! Come on you girls! It’s about time that Sonakshi gets her surprise birthday bashing and smashing!