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Unfair to credit me for BO performance of my films: Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

With an offer for a Broadway show under her belt and a successful last release, R…Rajkumar (RR; 2013), it seems like Sonakshi Sinha has little to complain about.

To add to her achievements, she is also being termed as the 'lucky charm' for her films and co-stars. However, the actor feels that it’s unfair for her to be labelled so and given all the acclaim.

"I feel guilty when I’m given all the credit for the success of a film. That’s not right," retorts Sonakshi, after she was called lucky for her RR co-star Shahid Kapoor.

"I think a film is the product of everyone’s efforts. Shahid did so well in the movie and so did everyone else associated with it. Moreover, it was a good film. So it’s not fair to give all the credit to me alone," she says.

Speaking of Shahid, Sonakshi is amused when asked about her alleged relationship with her co-star. She laughs off the question, saying, "With Shahid, link-ups are inevitable."

The actor elaborates, "These rumours started surfacing after the film released. When we were out there promoting the film all over the country, no one said anything. Now that everything is over, people have started talking about us. Shahid and I are good friends and time and again I’ve been saying that just like Akshay (Kumar, actor), Shahid is one of my favourite co-stars. We had a lot of fun shooting together."

Sonakshi signs off saying there’s "no romance in the relationship".