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Sonakshi's all for city film festival..

Sonakshi Sinha


Mumbai, Oct. 9 -- After a sponsor pull-out threatened to sabotage the upcoming Mumbai Film Festival (MFF), the event is back on its feet, with plenty of support from avid moviegoers as well as the film industry.

Apart from monetary contributions, some Bollywood stars have also come together to shoot a promo clip that emphasises on the need to keep MAMI (Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image; festival organisers) alive in Mumbai.

Sonakshi Sinha, who features in the video, feels that Bollywood's support for the event is very important. "At the end of the day, it's an extension of our industry. It gives us a chance to watch some stunning movies on the big screen, which we wouldn't otherwise. So, more the support from the industry, more the awareness, and more the interest," she says. Although she attended the event last year, she will be travelling for a shoot and hence can't make it this time.

She says, "In 2013, I went on the first day and met some amazing people. I also watched some stalwarts get felicitated. Unfortunately, I won't be around this year, so I grabbed the opportunity to support MAMI through this promotional shoot."

Last year, Sonakshi had also lit the inaugural lamp at the festival. She recalls, "I got a call from Shakun (Batra; director). The people I met there showed me how important this was to them and how passionate one can be about cinema. It was a tremendous experience," she says.