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Sonakshi: "Work makes me happy!"

Sonakshi Sinha

Mumbai, Nov. 14 -- For Sonakshi Sinha, who has seen more highs than lows in her short career of three years in Bollywood, working on her next film, Bullett Raja, has been an entertaining journey. The actor says that working with film-maker Tigmanshu Dhulia was an opportunity she didn't want to miss.

Sonakshi, whose personal life is rarely under the spotlight, says that she has become a workaholic over the years. Excerpts from the interview.     You saw success early in your career, but this year, the films didn't work at the box office.     

You take it as it comes. For me, the end result is not that important. It's never about the box-office collections. What's more important is the experience. I want to have fun and I want to look forward to doing my job.     

You seem to like your job, but do you also worry about how well your films do commercially?     

I've become a workaholic because I love my job so much. I'm not working for the money, nor am I working for material goals like buying a house or a car. I don't need to do it because I feel blessed to be part of a wonderful family who has always taken care of me. But I do double shifts sometimes because I love and enjoy working. Work makes me happy. I do things such as special songs in films because I like them. I also enjoy dancing.     

After a film like Lootera where your role was as big as your co-star Ranveer Singh's, why did you opt for a hero-centric film like Bullett Raja?     

I wanted to work with Tigmanshu sir (Dhulia; director). He had actually come to me with a film before Bullett Raja, but I couldn't do it as I was committed to four films this year. I felt really bad about it because it was an opportunity I thought I had missed. But then, three months after that, he came back to me with this film. I loved the script and my character, and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.